A Sleepover Under The Stars

Escape To The Chateau

8pm Monday ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU – Documentary/Reality – Restorations have gone well and business is booming, but the job is not yet done for Dick and Angel Strawbridge. Follow the Strawbridge family’s life as they continue renovations, hit the peak of events season, and prepare for a magical Christmas.

A Floating Dome – Dick tackles the chateau’s crumbling stucco while Angel finishes the geodesic dome over the moat. The family use it well with a sleepover under the stars.

9pm MISS FISHER’S MURDER MYSTERIES Crime Drama – The stylish and sexy Phryne Fisher is a thoroughly modern woman operating in a mostly male world. Set in 1920s Melbourne, the series follows the glamorous lady detective as she goes about her work with a pistol close at hand and, more often than not, a male admirer even closer.

Death At The Grand – A concierge is stabbed and pushed to his death from the rooftop of the Grand Hotel, an establishment that was once a part of Melbourne high society but has now fallen on hard times. Jack calls Phryne in on the case, which looks like a robbery gone wrong until a strange connection to the Fisher household emerges.

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